A system to reach a group of player ("multicast")

How can I see messages from a specific channel?

You need to have the permission redischat.channel.channelName

For example, to see messages from the "public" channel it'sredischat.channel.public

How can I write in a channel?

You have to click on the channel button inside the GUI below


/channel or /channels or /ch

Opens the channels GUI

/channel create <channelName> <rate-limit> <rate-limit-seconds> <filtered> [discordWebhook] [proximityDistance]

Rate-limit is the message limit every "rate-limit-seconds" seconds

If you put filtered on true you will moderate the messages through the word-blacklist inside config.yml

Proximity: how many blocks away from the sender the message will be sent

/channel setformat <chat message format>

You can use Minimessage Viewer to edit the format

/channel enable <playerName> <channelName>

Enables a channel for a player

/channel disable <playerName> <channelName>

Disables a channel for a player

/channel force-listen <playerName> <channelName>

Force a player to write inside a channel

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