Send permanent messages to your friends or your players

# Enables /rmail /mail and the whole feature
enableMails: true


/rmail send playerName mailTitle (or /mail playerName mailTitle)

You can use it with redischat.mail.write permission.

  • After you execute this command there would be a clickable message in the chat

  • That message links to a web editor where you can modify your mail with MiniMessage format

  • When you finished the editing click on the save button

  • Clicking on that button will copy a command to be executed on chat/console

  • By clicking Confirm you will send the mail to the recipient

Public messages:

To send public messages use /rmail send #Public mailTitle


Executing only /rmail opens a GUI with all your mails

/redischat-setitem <item_name>

Use this command to set the item you have in the main hand into the mail GUI selected slot

The available items are

backButton, forwardButton, mailItem, privateButton, publicButton

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