🐨Discord hook

Link your discord channels with RedisChat channels


Webhooks are a simple way to send messages to a Discord channel. However, remember that communication only takes place in the direction Minecraft -> discord with this method

You can create a webhook for a channel with the command

/channel link-discord-webook <channelName><webhook link>

The webhook link can be obtained in: Discord channel settings -> Integrations -> Create webhook

For public and staffchat webhooks you can configure them

# The discord webhook of the public chat
publicDiscordWebhook: 'https://discord.com/api/webhooks/1223270324200669194/yourtoken'
# The discord webhook of the staff chat
staffChatDiscordWebhook: ''

Spicord hook

Spicord, unlike webhooks, allows two-way communication between Discord and Minecraft

To enable this feature you need to :

  1. Enable Spicord inside RedisChat (enabled: true)

# botName is the botId associated to the bot inside the spicord configuration
# Every channel of RedisChat is linked with a channel on Discord
# The first element is a RedisChat channel, the second one is a Discord channel id
# You can find the Discord channel id by right clicking on the channel and clicking on 'Copy ID'
  enabled: true
  chatFormat: '<blue>[Discord]</blue>%role% %username% » %message%'
  discordFormat: '**%channel%** %sender% » %message%'
    public: '502465727593447434'
  1. Set up the Spicord bot as defined on the SpigotMC page under Installation and below

  2. Add "redischat" as an addon inside the Spicord bot configuration

  name = "default"
  enabled = true
  token = "MTE*NjA1Nzc1Mz*DkwNTEzOA.******************************************"
  command_support = true #You need this to true to send messages from Discord to MC
  command_prefix = "-"
  addons = [
  1. Link channels to discord channel ids:

    public: '502465727593447434' 
 #The ID is obtained by right-clicking on the Discord channel and then Copy channel ID
  1. Invite the bot to your discord server (Follow this guide taken from Spicord)

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