🥡Custom PlaceholderAPI placeholders

Use convenient commands to configure your placeholders!

Every player can have many different but unique PAPI placeholder with RedisChat!

To use this feature you'll need this command

/setchatplaceholders <player> <placeholder> <value>

  • <player>: This is the player's username for whom you want to set the chat placeholders. This needs to be the exact name as it appears in-game.

  • <placeholder>: This refers to the specific PlaceholderAPI identifier after %redischat_ For example, if you set "blacktree" placeholder you can display it through the placeholder %redischat_blacktree%

  • <value>: The value you wish to assign to the specified placeholder. This could be any string of text or numbers you want to display in place of the placeholder.


You know that the placeholder %redischat_chat_color% is the one used for chat color as shown in Chat color

You need to set a particular chat color to the player named John0101 to "blue"

To set a specific color component (using MiniMessage tags), use the following command:

/setchatplaceholders John0101 chat_color <blue>

You can also use hex colors in this example (like "<#ab778f>" instead of "<blue>")

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